What are Digital Images?

So, what is a digital image and why don’t I offer prints as standard?

A digital image (also known as a JPEG) is not a physical print, but instead it is a high-resolution digital file that you can store on your computer, tablet or USB device and share or print as many times as you want from your home printer or from a high street or online print shop.

More and more photographers now offer digital images as the default. Some studios still offer selected print sizes as a finished product. Prints are lovely as they can be displayed or given as a gift, but they don’t offer much freedom to the customer. I offer digital images because they provide more freedom, flexibility and therefore they are far better value for my customer.

You can take your digital image(s) anywhere and do whatever you want with them (for personal use). You don’t need to buy anything extra from me if you don’t want to. This saves you money and gives you the freedom to use your image(s) in any way you wish.

Some customers also like to share photos online or via e-mail, attach them to a social media profile, or even use them as a screensaver. This is a piece of cake with digital images, which is simply not possible with physical prints.

Copyright permission and print release

With each order, I include print release and personal copyright permission with your digital files as standard. This means you have full permission to have prints made from the digital file at any pro-lab or high street store of your choice.


As I am the photographer, I want to offer my customer the best value for money and a quality flexible service, therefore I do offer physical prints as separate purchases, in various sizes and at reasonable prices.