General Q&A

What happens when I arrive for my session?

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome and you will be shown to the lounge area where you will be asked to fill in a few details while you relax.

We will discuss your session and go through anything that you have brought in, you will also have the chance to ask me any questions.

If you need to change, you will be given privacy to do so behind changing screens, there is also a make-up table and full-length mirrors.

What happens at the session?

Once you are ready, we will go on set and I will then direct you into various poses, depending on the style of session and the type of images you are looking to achieve.

If you have brought some changes of clothing, we will take appropriate breaks so that you can change.

How long does the session last?

The length of the session is dependent on the type of session you have booked.

Most sessions are 1 to 1,5 hours long, depending on how many changes of clothing there are.

Some sessions can be longer depending on the requirements.

Do you only do studio sessions?

No, not at all.

Should you like a location session, this can always be arranged. We can discuss the type of images and style you are looking for and possible locations.

Should you know a location you would like to use, then I will be more than happy to photograph you there if it is available and suitable.

Do you do live gigs and events?

Yes, if you are a musician or a performer, I am happy to photograph you either for a staged collection before your performance or live while you are performing.

I am also available for studio or location promo shoots.

When and how do I see my photos?

Your images are normally ready for viewing a few days after the session, though if there is time after the session we can view the RAW files, before they are edited.

Once they are edited, I will send you a secure link to your own online private gallery, where you can view the images and download watermarked proof images to show friends or your partner, though you can view your gallery at any time till you have placed your order.

When are you available ?

I currently have a full-time job, so I am normally only available in the evenings during the week, though I am also available daytime and in the evenings at the weekend.

At times, I can make special arrangements to be available daytime during the week, if it is the only time you can make the session.

The earliest appointment can be 9am, with the last appointment being 9.30pm, and the studio closes at 11pm, Monday to Sunday.

What is a print release?

A print release is a document that is sent to you and allows the images you have downloaded to be printed at a photo lab of your choice.