Male Photography

Portrait & Dudeoir

Most photographers specialise in one specific genre, this could be children, pets or weddings... Spotting a gap, I chose along time ago to specialise in male portrait photography, these can be casual or formal in style, ideal for displaying, sharing online, or giving as a gift.

More and more men are finding the appeal in a male boudoir photography session, known as Dudeoir. 


"What is Dudeoir Photography..?", I hear you ask.

Women have been enjoying boudoir photography since the 1920's, so why should men miss out on all the fun?​

With a dudeoir experience men can create their own collection of sensual, artistic and suggestive images, celebrating themselves and their body. Most of my clients warm up by wearing a pair of jeans or boxers, and many go the full monty once relaxed and comfortable, to create some stunning dramatic artistic nude portraits. The aim is to create beautiful artistic images - there is nothing rude in doing nude. 


You can be photographed alone, with a friend or a partner, the images can be portrait in style, body focused, or a mix of both.


The session can be held at my fully equipped studio, in the comfort of your own home, your hotel room should you be visiting the city, or at a secluded location of your choice.

There are so many good reasons to indulge in this experience, for a gift to someone special or simply to enjoy the moment yourself.


If you are looking for the ultimate form of expression, then BadRabbitPhoto may offer what you are looking for.

Session from only £50.00



Your edited photographs will be ready to view on a password-protected web gallery within 2 – 3 days after your session. You’ll be able to share the gallery with friends and family and, if you wish, you can share your pictures on social media too, though all proof prints are watermarked. 

You’ll also receive a digital proof sheet to download so you can view, keep and share the highlights of your session on your phone or tablet.


All digital images are high resolution and print-ready from the download file. 

All options will allow you to add additional digital images to your final order, and a print ordering option can be added to your gallery on request.