The human body is the best form of art...


What is Boudoir Photography?

A new phenomenon in male photography, known as 'Dudeoir', is fast becoming a trend. Done from an artistic view, this boudoir style of images for men highlights those amazing features about your body. More and more men are finding this style of photography appealing.

Can men really do boudoir photography? I hear you ask.

Often, I hear men say, “No way, not me.  Why would I ever do that?” Au contraire.  You can and should.  There are so many reasons to do a male boudoir photography session. Maybe you have been working out in the gym and want to capture it for posterity, or even for profile pictures for online dating sites? Or maybe you think you want to do something different than the average portrait, for example a male dudeoir session as a tongue-in-cheek gift to your significant other. ​ Why not surprise your partner with a gift they will undoubtedly love?​

Depending on what you think your partner will love to see you in, the shoots usually range from near naked shots (topless/underwear) to a smarter appearance. I recommend some nice boxer shorts, jeans for a ‘topless’ image, and something a bit smarter – shirt and trousers, bow tie etc. for inspiration…

​With my dudeoir experience you can get your own set of sensual, artistic and erotic images, celebrating you and your body.

The key to a dudeoir experience is the seductive masculinity of the images, it’s not always about nudity.

Whatever your age, build or body type our dudeoir experience is for you, and I promise you will see yourself in an entirely new way!

Looking for something more..?

If you are looking for the ultimate form of expression, then please feel free to discuss openly with me your requirements and idea, or visit BadRabbitPhoto

Stunning photographs you‘ll treasure

  • A fun studio experience for single men and couples

  • Flattering studio lighting, so you can be confident of great results

  • Artistic dudeoir portraits of you, so you can indulge a lover's passion for your body

  • A unique collection of tasteful photographs

  • Classy colour and black and white photos

  • Full direction

  • Sensual, seductive, suggestive and artistic poses

  • Near nude, or more...

  • Accessorise with your own, underwear, jeans, t.shirt, dress shirt or swimwear 

  • Guaranteed confidentiality 

  • Sexy and suggestive poses to thrill you and your partner!

  • Private photo shoot session, so you feel more comfortable with the door shut!